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A little bit of every day in the world of weather | The Globe and Mail

July 3, 2021 Comments Off on A little bit of every day in the world of weather | The Globe and Mail By admin

“If I can help them, I’ll do it,” said the mayor.

The mayor was joined at the event by a group of residents from several neighbourhoods, including the residents of the former Mount Royal neighbourhood in south Scarborough, who asked the mayor to put a temporary shelter up at a vacant lot on the south side of the city.

The residents say they’ve had to go to great lengths to keep warm in the city, but they have been hit hard by cold temperatures.

“We’ve had a lot of people die and a lot have died from pneumonia and we’ve had asthma attacks,” said resident and former Mount Queenie councillor, Karen Fong.

Fong said her son has had respiratory problems and has lost his sight, and her husband has been diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure.

“They’re living in a world where they’re not getting any food.

They’re getting cold and cold and we have to stay outside.”

“It’s not like the cold weather was just a coincidence,” said Fong, who moved from the area to the city about four years ago.

“I’ve been here 20 years, and we haven’t had the same problem as we have today.”

Fong also said she’s had to spend her time in the shelter as she’s struggled with her health and diabetes.

The shelter will cost about $3,000, and the city says it is not looking to build one.

The mayors’ office says there will be two locations open during the winter.

One location will be at the Mount Royal community centre, while the other will be in the north end of Scarborough, in the corner of St. Mary’s and Bathurst streets.

Fong said the residents are frustrated about the lack of services, such as street cleaning and sewage collection, which she said have made it difficult for them to survive.

“It hurts,” said Shelly.

“There’s a lot more to do, but at the end of the day, we can’t help ourselves.”

Feng said she and her son are still getting used to the cold and the lack in resources, and are looking forward to winter.

“You know what?

We’re going to do what we have been doing and get through it,” she said.

“But we’re going for a little bit longer.

We’ve got to go on.”

The Globe will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

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How to create your own window stickers

June 19, 2021 Comments Off on How to create your own window stickers By admin

Posted by ESPN on Wednesday, March 11, 2018 09:27:20 When it comes to creating your own custom window stickers, you can get creative.

The idea is to use a variety of different types of stickers to decorate your home.

We have seen window stickers with floral motifs, or with bright colors to highlight a particular subject.

You can even use them as wall decor.

These are just a few ideas that can make a window sticker pop.

The best way to create a window stickers is to take inspiration from the pictures you see on the internet.

Here are some creative ideas to make your own unique window stickers.1.

A Christmas tree sticker with the word Christmas on it.2.

A holiday ornament with a card from your favorite character.3.

A custom window sticker that says “Merry Christmas!” on it, with the words “Christmas” and “God Bless” on the sides.4.

A sticker with a Christmas tree on it and a Christmas card.


A window sticker with Christmas on the side.6.

A decorative window that has a “God Save the Queen” sign on it to celebrate the holiday.7.

A special window with a sign saying “My God is a great God!” on the window.8.

A decoration for a window that says, “I am an American!” on a window.9.

A festive window sticker.10.

A colorful window sticker for the holiday season.11.

A snowflake window sticker12.

A card that says Santa is here on your doorstep with the letter “O” in it.

You can even add an extra Christmas tree or a tree to your window for a unique holiday decoration.


A “Happy Holidays” window sticker14.

A banner that says I Love you on a tree, window, or a Christmas gift.15.

A red Christmas tree with a snowflake on top.


A large window that is decorated with colorful lights.17.

A tree that says Happy Holidays to a large crowd.18.

A rainbow of Christmas lights, a snowman, and a tree that is red, blue, and green.19.

A lighted Christmas tree.20.

A door sticker that is the word Happy Holiday on it with a picture of a family.


A frosted Christmas ornament with the letters F or M on it for a festive touch.22.

A white Christmas tree that has an “I love you” sticker on it as well.23.

A pink Christmas tree24.

A bright red Christmas ornament25.

A decorated Christmas tree in the winter with a heart-shaped tree and a Santa Claus hat on it that says Christmas.


A giant red Christmas ornaments with a red heart on them, a Christmas story in the bottom, and Santa Claus with a sleigh in the middle.


A blue Christmas tree and Santa’s hat on top, with snowflakes all over.28.

A big snowflake Christmas ornament, with a Santa, elf, and mouse inside.29.

A huge red tree with Santa and Santa with a mouse inside, with Santa Claus in the front.30.

A glittering Santa with sleigh inside.31.

A massive red Christmas decoration with Santa with Santa wearing a snow globe on top of him.


A stunning red Christmas Tree with a giant red heart, Santa Claus wearing a sleight of hand on his head, and his sleigh on top with a black heart and a star.


A Santa Claus head with a white Santa Claus face on top and a sleights on the top of it.34.

A towering red Christmas, decorated with red hearts and a snow flake on top that says Merry Christmas to all.


A beautiful snowflake, a red Christmas and Santa in the Christmas spirit.


A sparkling snowflake tree with hearts and snowflake decorations.


A snowy snowflake ornament with Santa’s face on the bottom and Santa holding a sleighter on his back.


A flaming snowflake with a large heart on top decorated with sleights and a red star.39.

A Snowman with Santa on top in red, with sleight-of-hand on his hand, Santa with two snowballs on top holding a big snow globe.


A hand painted snowman with snow on top on top is decorated to say Merry Christmas.

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