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Storm windows cost more than $1 million

October 14, 2021 Comments Off on Storm windows cost more than $1 million By admin

MSNBC reported Wednesday that the cost of storm windows for an average homeowner has risen to more than 1.3 million dollars per year.

The average cost of a window in this year’s storm was about $3,200, while a similar one for an older model is $3.5 million.

The cost of these storm windows are a large part of the total cost of homes that are damaged by hurricanes in Florida and the Carolinas, the network reported.

The storm windows cost the state about $2.5 billion in damage.

The insurance companies that insure hurricane-damaged homes are paying the most for storm windows because the insurance companies pay for the storm damage as well, MSNBC reported.

In some instances, the insurance company is paying $100,000 per window.

In other cases, the cost is much less, MSNBC noted.

It said insurers will be paying the full cost of damage to the homes they insure.

In the Florida case, insurers will pay $2,000 to $3 and $2 per storm window, and the total insurance cost for the entire state of Florida will be between $5 billion and $6 billion, MSNBC said.

A number of insurance companies have also stepped up their costs for storm-damaging homes in the Carolina, the news outlet reported.

This is especially true in Florida, which is the most heavily insured state in the country.

Florida’s state insurance commissioner told the Associated Press that hurricane-hit homeowners are paying about $200 per window to have a storm window replaced.

In Florida, the insured homes get a $200 deductible for storm damage, which can be as high as $5 million, according to the Associated Post.

A window that is broken is worth $100 to $200, and insurance companies will pay the entire cost of repairs, the AP reported.

It is estimated that the insurance industry will be able to recover a lot of the costs of storm-damage insurance for homeowners.

The federal government will cover a portion of storm damage costs for homeowners in Florida as well as other parts of the Carolinias, the agency said.

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