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Man killed in car crash while tinting window

September 12, 2021 Comments Off on Man killed in car crash while tinting window By admin

Man shot dead while tinted window is installed in his car in Georgia is the first fatality from a tinted windows installation in the U.S. since 2011, according to an investigation by CNN affiliate WSB-TV.

The death occurred Monday in a home in the Atlanta suburb of Chatham, the station said.

The driver of the car, who had tinted the window in the front, was pronounced dead at the scene, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Georgia’s Department of Transportation said the man was in his late 50s.

The Atlanta Fire Department responded to the crash and found the car had tinting on the windows and windshield.

A police spokesman told the AP the man’s family was not home.

The Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles said it was investigating the crash.

The investigation was continuing and no further details were immediately available.

In 2011, a man was shot and killed after he got into a dispute with two men while tintning a window in his home in Atlanta, Georgia.

The shooting came less than a month after another man was killed after being shot while tintging a window.

In a separate case, a woman was shot in the face while tintting her window in December.

A man in Georgia was sentenced to death for shooting a woman who was tinting his window while he was inside a home.

Authorities said the victim was also shot in her left eye and a second man was also wounded in the incident.


Which Is The Best Window Tinting To Use For Your Car?

August 27, 2021 Comments Off on Which Is The Best Window Tinting To Use For Your Car? By admin

In a recent post on the blog of the car repair blog The Car Connection, car repair consultant and founder of The Car Repair Guide, Chris Wood, shares his favorite window tint colors for your car.

Wood recommends using a color that is not too bright or too dark, which is good for your skin tone and will allow you to maintain your good driver’s eyesight.

In addition, if you have a deep yellow, he suggests using a medium yellow or orange tint for the window.

Wood also suggests that you use a tint that is a little darker in the dark to achieve a little more coverage.

“This is just my personal preference, but I like to use a light yellow for my windows,” Wood writes.

“You can definitely tell when a car is not doing very well, because the yellow is so dark and yellow is not as visible as the blue.”

Wood also recommends that you avoid using a tint on the underside of the window, which can give you a false impression of the windows being properly installed.

“I don’t want the window to appear to be falling down on my head,” Wood says.

“The only thing that I would say is don’t use it if you’re going to be driving.”

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