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Microsoft, Google to create ‘Windows on a Chip’ to enable a ‘universal Windows experience’

June 14, 2021 Comments Off on Microsoft, Google to create ‘Windows on a Chip’ to enable a ‘universal Windows experience’ By admin

Microsoft and Google will create a “universal Windows platform” that will allow users to “run applications on any device they want,” according to a document outlining the plans.

The Windows 10 platform, which is set to debut later this year, will be built from the ground up using open source technology.

The plan is to enable users to run applications on “any device they choose,” including phones, tablets and PCs, with the ability to run multiple applications on the same device.

“You can do the same thing on a phone, tablet, a laptop, and you can even do it on a smart TV, or even a TV, and it can run the same apps,” said Microsoft vice president of Windows engineering and strategy Mike Blau.

“The difference is that we’re building this from the cloud.

So it’s completely secure, and everything you do on the phone, on the tablet, on a TV — it’s on the cloud.”

Windows 10 on a chip is a device that would be able to run apps that were previously restricted to the OS.

This means that if you’re running a Microsoft app on your phone, or a Google app on a tablet, you’d be able access the apps through your phone or tablet’s internet connection.

This would allow for apps to run on devices that don’t have the full set of standard operating systems installed.

It also means that Microsoft and its partners will be able use their devices as their own personal cloud for managing and analyzing data.

Windows 10 will be the first OS built from scratch, with its own unique interface.

The device will also support hardware-accelerated graphics, and will support Cortana, Microsoft’s personal digital assistant.

The new OS will support an “enhanced” Cortana voice assistant, which will be based on the Siri API and will have access to your voice.

Microsoft also plans to support a “cloud-native” version of the operating system, which it says will enable “a more natural experience in apps, apps on devices and cloud-native apps.”

“We want to bring together the best of Microsoft’s hardware and software, while allowing users to take full advantage of Windows 10,” Blau said.

“This is the way the future of computing is going to work, and we’re taking this seriously.

Microsoft is going all-in on the platform.

It will support more devices, more platforms and will be open to all developers.

We want to be the open platform that everyone uses.”

Blau also said that Microsoft will work with partners to make sure that the OS “works with Microsoft’s cloud.”

Microsoft will be using the Azure cloud to provide data for its services.

Blau confirmed that Microsoft is also looking into the possibility of building an “internet-of-things” platform using Azure.

“If you’ve got an internet-connected device and want to run a service on it, we’re going to make it easy to do that with Azure,” Blauer said.


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