Lintel Windows prefer the timely and up to date execution of given project at any cost and respect the time of the customers. We have dedicated and monitoring and measuring departments for large project as well as small project out degree of concentration will not reduce for the small projects.

The surveyors will decide the perfect and enough time to make necessary requirements and deliver the windows. All the factors and measurements taken to solve the problems in mismatch between windows produced and actual making of the windows. Hence the surveyors keep on monitoring the production house and triggers the production management team to make it properly.

In house work flow is strictly monitored and guide with the specialist from the first level of management to the last level of management. As the team will be working on different types of windows and doors like internal sliding doors, double glaze windows, conservatory windows and doors will estimate the correct delivery time in all the production. For up to date execution the site surveyors will monitoring the production team, material delivery, space storage, stock storage, onsite and possibilities of any material damage in emergence for “just in time” work to get done. The painting and coating is done with full percent after laying of any tiles and stones on window sills.

The work of site surveyors is important their estimates and management will decide the planning and manpower for site to ensure that we are working on the main line track to finish the product in a right way through out the last step of the execution process.


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