Lintel Windows has developed a rich expertise of handling all types of projects. This has helped in bringing about simplicity of understanding for clients and at the same time maintaining high levels of accuracy in UPVC bifold doors.

Proprietary SpikerWindows Project Management Systems (FPMS):

A delay of even a single day can set you back by lakhs of rupees. A proprietary project management system (FPMS) keeps regular track of construction to align windows installation in real time to prevent any delays.

It ensures that material is available on site just in time and the site handed over to the client as per his schedules. A bird’s eye view of the entire project (irrespective of size) is available at any time and provides ready tracking status to customers.

Proprietary Lintel Windows Retail Management Systems (FRMS) for Individual Homes

Individual homes need personalized attention to ensure minimum inconvenience to family members. FRMS (Lintel Windows Retail Management System) ensures old windows are replaced with new ones in a painless transition.


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