Lintel Windows is an advanced brand and it adapt latest technology for construction works and buildings. Window installation is the censorious work and handle it properly to ensure the optimum performance. The right way installation brings the strong and rigidity support to the contact of windows and windows frames connected to the edge of the wall. Any mistake during installation can lesser the quality of work.

No more carpenters in your home

Carpentary work sometimes land up into messy work as they started making hole in wall and thereafter cracks comes in the wall. The installation become poor and leads to holes and cracks everywhere which destroy the glorious of home.

Team of Experts

Windows and doors Installation experts consistently monitors the working crew to check the measurement accuracy from the site surveys to the implemention process and allow proper use of anchor fasteners and silicone. The storage and safety practices in given to the most experienced canditates, quality checks and sitework will be taken hygienically at the time of installation. There are no holes and gaps and ensure the installation is done proper order.

Window Installation The Lintel windows way

As per the conventional types of wooden sliding windows require window frames to be installed at the time of the construction work but in the case of Lintel Windows, The entire set of window will be available at one single unit and the work of windows and doors can start after once the construction work got finished.

The exact stage of Lintel Windows installation is the stage before the paint coating and all the dust materials is removed and kept clean to apply the paint coating. Even the site also be clear and tidy as the place should be clean where the system is manufactured.

The steps involved in Lintel windows’s installation are as follows:

step 1).The windows are fixed in each aperture with anchor fasteners

step 2).Gaps between the masonry and the frame are filled with high grade silicone and an acrylic sealant

step 3).Each window is tested and certified for operationEach window is cleaned thoroughly

step 4).The debris is cleared and the site restored to its original state


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