Lintel brings the most qualified flavour of French windows in the market with a twist of high strength and safety coefficient. French windows are a pair of casement windows with some tweaking! These windows open in the middle reaches down to the floor and placed strategically on an exterior wall! The French windows at Lintel come with four locking mechanism to ensure extra safety. The French windows at Lintel are made from robust and high-quality uPVC which expands the longevity and durability of these windows. Additionally, these windows are soundproof, dustproof and ensure maximum opening. These windows can be installed in the various parts of the house namely living rooms, balconies and kitchen. To bring extra comfort to the customers, these French windows are available in 3 attractive colours!

Amongst most, the popular and the best amongst the breed of windows is the world-renowned French Windows, known for its signature design all across the world. These Windows have made an impact on not just the homeowners but also the architects who are quick to suggest French Windows for structures of any kind.

We at Lintel offer a most qualified flavor of French Windows in the form of a uPVC version of French Windows. Being the most opted option for good illumination and easy operation, our offerings in this segment of Windows variant has added to the durability and technicality in the choices of French Windows. Lintel French windows have four locking mechanisms that ensure safety and security to the highest limits of its kind. Another Complimenting provision of the Lintel offering to French windows is the extra protective and strong Glass that is installed on our product. The Glass is made of superior quality and does qualify to be amongst the list unbreakable glass compositions.


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