French doors from Lintel are the best in the market due to their extreme strength, durability and high quality. French doors allow privacy along with the visual connection between two spaces simultaneously. The French doors can be used as both doors marking the entrance of a home or as interior doors separating two spaces! The French doors are quite simple in design but with the hint of ethnicity and class. The French doors give a maximum opening, hence allows ample of natural light and fresh air to enter the house creating a soothing and calming atmosphere. The French doors are known for their special features of acoustic insulation or soundproofing and dust resistance. The French doors are available in 3 cool colours and can be installed in the living area, kitchens, bathrooms etc.

French doors

French doors – white are the most popular choice and affordable which can be seen in many places. Lintel French doors are made up of strong material and can light up your interior easily. They are quite simple in design but gives attractive entrance to your garden, terrace or decking. The opening allows unrestricted entrance and makes the garden a natural extension of your living area. With maximum ventilation uPVC French doors allows natural light to enter and brighten your home. Lintel guarantees you top quality of uPVC for a full range of looks, excellent durability, weather resistance and low maintenance. Lintel French doors have locks at four different points giving you not only safe but also relax environment in the house. With natural daylight, ventilation and prevention from noise and pollution Lintel ensure pleasant and cheerful atmosphere to have your place the feeling of ‘home’.

Lintel is bringing French style to your home with French Doors. French door gives 100% accessible free door space. French doors can hold the glass from 5mm to 44 mm. French doors is 5chamber extruded profile which doesn’t allow heat exchange and leakage. Lintel French door is also the right choice for sound proof that resists up to 80% of noise with 21mm DGU. French windows are strength enriched with 2mm GI reinforcement to reach maximum heights. French door has multipoint mechanism and also has Georgian bar option to make it more secured and more beautiful. French door comes with cylinder locking mechanism to secure the home.

French doors are the right choice for living area, bedroom, main entrance etc. French door has the option with or without threshold to make you more convenient. It has coextruded TPE gasket to give the air tightening and non leakage properties. Lintel is offering 20years of warranty for the entire product because we believe we are the best in product quality and process. French door comes with 5 color variants and 10+ glass variants.

Reasons to choose Lintel French doors

  • French doors are the widely used type of doors. Lintel French doors are made up of uPVC material with a simple and attractive look.
  • Aesthetically appealing and available in different designs to match according to your interior
  • Allows natural light and fresh air to enter giving pleasant atmosphere in your house
  • Available in a variety of looks, all with excellent durability and warranty of 10 years on profile and hardware

Special Features

  • Operates smoothly in all weathers
  • Dustproof, waterproof and can withstand all wind conditions throughout India
  • Thick glass for more safety and noise reduction
  • 4 chambers for thermal and acoustic insulation
  • 60mm profile width for more grip and higher strength
  • Extra strength through 2mm of G.I reinforcement
  • >2.5mm profile wall thickness for high quality and effective geometry and shape


  • Provides easy access to outside to give the feel of outside as natural extension of inside
  • Have extra strength in order to avoid rattling and whistling sound
  • Simple and aesthetically pleasing. Available in long-lasting colors and designs that can match with your interior
  • Low maintenance
  • uPVC doors keep inside cool in summer and warm in winter. Works perfectly fine in all weathers conditions. Also prevents inside from outside noise and pollution
  • Best for garden, decking and terrace
  • Multiple lock system for high security
  • Adds more value to your house
  • 100% accessible door space
  • Comes with 10+ glass variants

    Types Of Handles

  • Double access cylinder handle
  • Single access cylinder handle
  • Brown handle
  • Golden handle
  • White handle with/without key.

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