Upvc Awning windows are also known as Top-hung windows. These windows are handcrafted to ensure an everlasting charm to the regular windows. Unlike most of the varieties of Awning windows available in the market, the ones from Lintel are crafted uniquely to enable easy operation. These awning windows are comfortable to use and are accessible for opening and closing. These windows enable soothing breeze even during rains due to the presence of hinges at the top or bottom of the windows. Though they are designed with the protruding angle but that does not affect the aesthetic feature of the windows. These awning windows are soundproof, dustproof and best for ventilation. Available in 3 attractive colours these awning windows can be installed in the areas like Kitchen and bathrooms!

Ventilation and Illumination are considered to be the choosing factors for windows especially when Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Storerooms are considered. Awning Windows are the perfect solution for all such Ventilation and Illumination needs. Awning windows from Lintel are stylishly crafted to guarantee an elegant look which is otherwise not expected from the regular windows available for the same purpose. Most such Awning windows of the traditional kind are difficult to operate, however, in the case of Lintel Awning windows, the design is so innovatively implemented that the ease of its usage is a major feature for choosing this product from our stores.

Architecturally it has been appreciated for its perfect make that ensures an easy choice for home designers, as they make a perfect fit for traditional and Modern Homes.

  • Easy to Operate with comfortably accessible window’s crank for Opening and Closing.
  • Awning Windows installation ensures Soothing Breeze even during Rain as it is hinged at the bottom/top of other windows
  • Incomparably beautiful and comfortable in comparison to traditional options.
  • Regardless of its Protruding Angle flexibility of fit, it does not affect the aesthetics of the home.
  • Uniquely designed to avoid being an obstruction.
  • Top hung windows are also known as awning windows. These windows are perfectly suitable for ventilation areas.
  • Top hung windows are vertically openable windows which has opening access up to 40 to 45 Degrees
  • Top hung windows have the option to arrange exhaust fan. Top hung window has gasket locking mechanism to avoid the air leakage and water drain slot system to allow the rain water outside. Top hung windows perfectly suitable for narrow window spaces like stair case, bathroom etc.
  • It comes with or without Espag mechanism based on the window width and height. These windows are coming with 1.5mm GI reinforcement to give the good strength and support to the window.
  • Top hung window comes with different combinations based on the customer requirement like, bottom fixed and top hung, bottom hung top fixed etc.
  • Top hung windows come with 20years of warranty. It has co extruded gasket to avoid the A/C leakages.
  • It can hold the glass from 5mm to 44mm based on the customer requirement.

They act as a perfect barrier against dust and pollution due to the double sealing with TPV gaskets for enhanced thermal and sound insulation. Lintel Awning Windows have grown in demand amongst the construction brands with its unique and simple setup that guarantees a multitude of benefits for the home or office. Our customers have been satisfied completely with this purchase of upvc Awning Windows by Lintel. Apart from being the sole distributor of upvc Awning Windows of this worthy quality we also provide installation services at very effective rates to our customers, ensuring for a hassle-free installation.

Types Of Handles

  • Cocksper handle
  • Brown handle
  • Golden handle
  • Espag handle etc.
  • Advantages Of Top Hung

  • Suitable for narrow window space.
  • Comes with 10+ glass variants

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