BiFold Doors: To fight the challenge of space crunch, Lintel brings you their signature product Bi fold doors. These doors are known to open up massive openings resolving the space constraint issue almost instantly. The Bi-fold doors posses 2 to 7 leaves which can be folded and stacked upon each other in a corner giving away a huge space for other usages. The presence of 4 wheels and 2 nylon guides enables smooth operation of these bi-fold doors. These Bifold doors can be opened both inwards and outwards adding more comfort to the users. These doors are 10 times more secure than the regular doors. These unique doors available in 3 attractive colours can be installed in the balconies, gardens or even for partitioning a room.

Bifold Door Manufacturers

Bifold Doors : Traditional sliding doors and French doors have always had their demand, considering their design and suitability, as we move the head in traditions and technology Lintel bi-fold door color 3 panels are the perfect replacement to the traditional attachments. As unique and modern one can expect Lintel bi-fold door color with 3 panels have proved to be the best in class of modern architecture. Space being an important constraint for a lot of households in the city, Lintel bi-fold door‘s form the apt solution to overcome the space issues. It helps enable an expansive opening with a lot of space to spare.

Its multi-locking system ensures a complete security with elegance. Every roller on this 3-panel bi-fold door has been provisioned with 4 wheels and 2 nylon guides to help an easy operation. the most ideal factor to consider this door for is the fact that it has a very low maintenance after installation, helping the customer to live with fewer worries. Lintel bifold door color 3 panels provide a very good thermal and sound insulation. These Doors can be uniquely opened in both directions inwards and outwards, and that being one of the most liked properties of a bi-fold Door. Lintel bi-fold doors are available in a variety of colors and configurations to help suit your home or office needs.

Keep on surprise your homes with bi-fold door which gives you 100% open space to get more ventilation. Lintel is bringing our signature products to your door step to present a gift to your home. Bi-fold is specially designed for balcony areas where customer will get 100% open space. Bi-fold doors are a manufactured with special care and attention with world class technologies to reach customer expectation. Lintel is bringing world class product with pride to make our customer feel proud to have this Bi-fold door. Bi-fold comes with even and odd ratio to fold the shutters toward right and left like 1:3, 3:1, 2:1, 1:2, 3:3 etc. Bi-fold door brings a beautiful appearance to your balcony. It has a monorail rolling mechanism to slide and fold the shutters very ease and smooth. A Bi-fold door comes with energy efficient to stop A/C leakage and rain water. Customer can choose different types of handles to make your bi-fold door more beautiful and lovable.


  • Lintel uPVC bi-fold door color 3 shutters are available in the following configurations (321/312, 330/303).
  • Based on the model of these Doors they can be made to slide and fold in either direction.
  • Bifold doors allow natural daylight and fresh air to create pleasant atmosphere.
  • With ultra-slim sightlines these create sufficient space for balcony purpose.
  • Lintel bi-fold doors are energy efficient and have high standards of security features.
  • Operates smoothly in all weather conditions and does not rot or rust.
  • Extra strength and security with Fusion welding of Frames and sash.
  • Hidden running gears at top and bottom of the concealed track to avoid jimmying.
  • Insulation towards dust, noise, rain and Air pollution.
  • TPEs gaskets for Slip resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance, shock absorption, flexibility, sound
  • insulation and soft texture.
  • 5 chambers of the profile with acoustic insulation.
  • Extra strength through 2mm G.I reinforcement and holds grip to wall.
  • 3mm wall thickness, 5×30 drain slots.
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Relaxing presence
  • Prevents all kinds of pollution
  • Best for Banquet halls, partitioned balconies, veranda and partitioning large space
  • Double sealing of TPV gaskets to increase thermal and sound insulation
  • No possibility of finger trapping with safety gaskets between the doors
  • Multi-point locking mechanism for security
  • Best space-saving alternative.
  • 100% open space for ventilation
  • beautiful appearance
  • word class technology
  • comes with 5 varient of colors
  • 10+ varients of glasses
  • Types Of Handles

    • Brown handle with key
    • Golden handle with key
    • Short neck handle etc

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