Urban life has its perks, but some severe disadvantages like noise pollution also accompany. Windows are a major issue when it comes to controlling noise as different materials bounce sound energy differently. Glass windows are the worst as they bounce back whatever sound energy that comes to them. Treating reflections of sound energy from window surface is a real problem that has to be treated. Acoustic Window Shades are the best solution as they absorb sound reflection efficiently. The acoustic treatment of windows is an essential requirement for houses located in the urban area and for official meeting rooms.

For the efficient sound reduction, the noise reducing curtains have to be a perfect fit. If the window blinds are not of right size, the noise reduction will not be outstanding. You can check with the manufacturer to see what measurement is required for your room. Before installing, make sure that you have all the essential parts and tools to install binds properly.

Different types of window shades

Honeycomb shades

Honeycomb shades are the best window blinds that offer timeless beauty and higher efficiency. Honeycomb offers privacy, light control and insulation benefits for any window. The long channels trap the air at the window and insulate the room from the hot air and the winter winds. Unless you select a sheer fabric, these shades offer a considerable amount of privacy. Light control is another positive feature of these types of shades. It blocks most of the light, and you will get a wide range of fabrics including semi-opaque light filtering ones to the complete blocking ones.

Roman shades

Roman shades are types of Noise Reducing Window shades that stack evenly when rolled up. It is excellent in reducing the noise levels mainly due to the thickness and density of the fabric used. The fabric comes with an extra layer of protection which again helps to reduce the noise coming from outside. Light filtering and blackout fabrics are available where blackout gives the best noise reduction possible.

Pleated shades

Pleated shades are similar to honeycomb shade in look, and they work in same way as well. As the name suggests, pleated shades have pleats that help give your window sufficient insulation. This helps in noise reduction as well. However, pleated shades don’t have a cell construction so the noise reduction properties will not be as efficient as the honeycomb ones.

The window treatments can be very significant for your home or office. Though the acoustic shades are good at reducing sound entering inside, they do more than that. Windows treatments block UV rays, protect your furniture, and reduce heating or cooling cost and do more. When buying Acoustic Window Shades for your home, keep in mind the features you require the most. Each feature comes at an additional cost built into it, and there are various shades with different properties in the market. Hence, it is better to check the rating to check how much sound it is capable of blocking.


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