‘I don’t want a French man to be raped’: Woman describes ‘horrible’ experience in France

‘I don’t want a French man to be raped’: Woman describes ‘horrible’ experience in France

September 18, 2021 Comments Off on ‘I don’t want a French man to be raped’: Woman describes ‘horrible’ experience in France By admin

French President Emmanuel Macron has condemned a recent sexual assault of a woman by a migrant on a train, calling the attack a “horrible” incident that should never happen.

Macron, who was due to attend the World Cup, tweeted that the incident was “a terrible reminder” that the country’s borders should be open to anyone wishing to travel.

He added: “If the migrant raped this woman, I want the perpetrator of the attack to be sent to jail.”

In response, the Foreign Affairs Minister for the southern region of Normandy, Laurent Fabius, called for the man to receive “due process” for his “terrible crime”.

The man had been on the metro with his family when he boarded a train at around 1.30am on January 5 and the pair were walking along the track when they heard someone approaching.

Mr Fabius said the woman was raped by a man and then thrown down on the tracks.

“We must not forget that rape is a crime, and I’m afraid the attacker should be punished in the strongest way possible,” he said.

Ms Fabius told reporters: “This was a terrible and disgusting assault, which was very clear and visible to everybody. “

The authorities must have the right to arrest and prosecute him.”

Ms Fabius told reporters: “This was a terrible and disgusting assault, which was very clear and visible to everybody.

It was very difficult for the woman to say ‘no’ when she was on the train.

I don`t want a Frenchman to be sexually assaulted.”

‘I am terrified’: Woman speaks out on rape by migrant on train article A 22-year-old woman who was raped and beaten on a French train on January 4 has spoken of her fear for her life, describing the horrific ordeal.

Ms Hervé Desme said the attack took place at about 3.20am on the same train station as the one in which she was raped.

She said the assailant tried to kiss her and said “I don’t want you to go to jail”.

Ms Desme then ran out of the train and onto the tracks, where she managed to climb up onto the platform where a woman in a hijab was sitting, as witnesses told her to stop.

When she tried to leave, the man, who she later identified as an Afghan migrant, followed her, and “grabbed me by the hair” and pushed her against a wall, she said.

“I had to stop, because I didn’t want to go over to the man,” she said, adding that the man then raped her “on the spot”.

“I was so scared I couldn’t do anything.

I couldn`t even see the man because I was in a trance.

Later I had to be taken to hospital, where I saw my legs were covered with blood,” she told French radio station BFMTV.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the incident should be investigated and the assailant should be brought to justice.

On the same day, France was hit by a wave of sexual assaults by migrants in Paris, a major city where about 1,500 people have been sexually assaulted in the past two years, with some of the attacks reported to have involved children.

In an unprecedented move, France is now banning unaccompanied minors from travelling on public transport.

Some 2,400 unaccompanied minors, including girls as young as 12, have been attacked by migrants and other people in France since the beginning of this year, according to official figures.

‘You are not safe’: Woman who was gang-raped on Paris Metro says ‘you are not free’ source ABC news (AU).

A French woman has spoken out about how she was sexually assaulted by two men on a metro train and that her attacker is still on the loose.

Woman says she was gang raped by two ‘very dangerous’ men on train train Source: ABC News.

During a live broadcast on France 2 television channel, the woman, who is now 24, spoke about the assault and the ordeal that followed.

Her account of what happened is extremely disturbing.

After the assault, the two men followed her around, groping and raping her.

One of them took off his trousers and underwear and she felt him pull down her panties and underwear.

They then started to rape her on the platform.

Another man followed them, pushing her against the wall.

At one point the two attackers decided to have a threesome.

Eventually one of them put his hand inside my pants and began to penetrate me.

He ejaculated inside me.

A few seconds later, they threw me down the train tracks and onto a platform, where they raped me on the spot.

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